If you are a new client, please take a moment and fill out our new client information sheet.

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Animal Clinic Drop Off Form

Please take the time to fill out our drop off form before your scheduled appointment time.

Drop Offs:

We understand that many of our clients are not able to take advantage of our appointment times. That is why for your convenience we also offer early morning drop offs starting at 7am.

A veterinarian will examine your pet and provide any requested services. If there are any concerns a veterinarian will call you with any treatment options. In most cases, drop offs are usually ready to go home by 4pm.

If you are dropping off a sick patient we ask that you give us as much history as possible. Please tell us how long the symptoms have been going on, if the patient has been exposed to any chemicals or toxins, or if there is a possibility of a foreign body (toys, garbage, rocks, etc.)

If this is your first time with us, we ask that you please schedule an appointment instead of a drop off so we can get to know you and establish a patient/doctor relationship. Please feel free to schedule drop off appointments in the future.

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