Top 8 Things Your Pet Does That Creeps You Out

Top 8 Things Your Pet Does That Creeps You Out

If you have a pet, then you know just how weird animals can be. Pets come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from furry friends to scaley companions, and at the end of the day, they all have actions that outright creep us out. Here are the top 9 things your pet does that creeps you out:

Acts Strange Before Bad Weather

Your cat or dog might start acting a little sheepish or even go and hide. Maybe they yowl while they hide, or maybe they stay close to you. Then, the weather gets bad. Nope, it’s not a coincidence! Some animals are sensitive to drops in barometric pressure, so if your pet starts to act bad, a storm might just be brewing.

Gives You a Death Stare for No Reason

You’re sitting on the couch or sitting down for a meal, and you notice your pet staring at you – for no apparent reason. There’s no real reason why our pets do it, but yet there could be a few reasons. While it seems creepy to us, they might simply be trying to get our attention.

Stares at You While You’re Waking

You wake up from a nap or a good night’s sleep, and as soon as your eyes open up you see your pet right beside you, staring at you. Yes, our pets show affection in weird ways, and this might just be one of the creepiest things they do. Sometimes, they’re just waiting for us to wake up or take them on a morning stroll.

Knows When You’re Sick

Ever notice your pet get a little clingy when you aren’t feeling great? Well, that’s because pets simply know when you aren’t feeling good. If you’re a little under the weather, whether it’s physically apparent or not, don’t be surprised if your pet tries to cuddle with you a little extra.

Brings You Dead Animals for Trophies

You open the door to find your cat has dropped a dead snake or bird right there for you. It might seem weird, gross, and creepy, but it’s just your pet’s way of saying they love you.

Talking to Thin Air

Ever see your pet staring at absolutely nothing? Sometimes our pets like to stare at “nothing”, and sometimes they like to meow and bark at “nothing”, too. While it’s likely they saw or heard something that we didn’t, it doesn’t make it any less creepy. Especially when it’s in the middle of the night!

Licks You

Your pet ever come up to you and just start licking you? It’s a little overbearing and a bit creepy, but it’s just one way our pets show affection. Plus, they like the taste of our skin. Weird.

Pets are amazing companions with their own unique personalities. No two pets are alike! The truth is that they will all do some creepy things sometimes, but we love them just the same. Even when they do odd things, they usually have reasons we just can’t seem to understand.

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