5 Tips to Improve Your Pet’s Dental Hygiene

Has your pet suddenly started eating less or even stopped altogether?  Does your pet drool more than usual? If so, this may mean your pet has dental problems! How can you fix this?

A commonly overlooked health aspect of pet health is their dental hygiene.  Many pets, including dogs and cats, can suffer from the same dental issues that we humans face such as gingivitis and toothaches.  

These issues, left untreated, can cause pain or lead to even more serious complications.  To keep your pet’s mouth in the best shape possible, here are some general tips to follow!

Start Young!

If you have a young furry friend, you can help keep their teeth clean by starting them on a dental routine!  As with any learned activity or behavior, it may take some time for your pet to be comfortable with you around their mouth.  You can help them out by coating your finger with peanut butter (for canines) or tuna water (for felines) and gently rubbing their gums and teeth.  Once they get comfortable with that, you could use specially designed finger pads or pet toothbrush to brush their teeth. Since pets don’t know how to spit out toothpaste, specially formulated dog and cat toothpastes are necessary.

Proper Diet

Another way to promote your pet’s dental hygiene is by making sure they have the right food! Certain foods have fiber to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Your pet also needs to right combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that helps keep their teeth nice and strong. A proper diet can also promote other things such as a good coat and more energy!

Tartar Control Treats

While these don’t replace a good cleaning, tartar control treats can help promote dental health for your pets!  They are an excellent way to treat your pet after a cleaning! As with any treat, make sure to give them in moderation.


As long as your pet isn’t suffering from tooth or gum issues, giving them pig or beef bones maybe beneficial for them.  In the wild, chewing on bones not only stimulated their gums, but also helped keep their teeth clean! This also goes for cats!

Regular Check Ups

Having regular checkups in general are important towards your pet’s overall health.  If you have any concerns with your pet’s dental health, let your vet know! At Crossroads Animal Clinic, we offer basic dentistry services for your pet!  With cleaning, polishing and even minor oral surgery, we have your pet covered!  

By following these general tips, you can keep your pet’s mouth happy and healthy.  If you need a vet in Copperfield, come see us at Crossroads Animal Clinic!  Our highly trained staff can take care of all your preventative care, surgical services and even boarding needs!

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