Top 10 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston

Houston’s Best Dog Friendly Restaurants.

Houston’s food and drink scene is expanding rapidly, and if you’re anything like us, you probably want to know: can my dog come, too? As we move slowly out of summer, we’re coming right back around to patio season, a time where people can eat, drink, and live without sweating through the floor at every turn. If you’re looking for a great place to grab a drink and kick back with your best four-legged friend, we’ve got you covered with a few of the best dog-friendly places around Houston.


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1. Barnaby’s Cafe:  If there is going to be a list about the most dog friendly restaurants, not including Barnaby’s cafe would be a crime. The cafe is named after the owner’s dog Barnaby. Take a look at this super cute picture book on Barnaby’s website which narrates the story of Barnaby, the sheep dog. Barnaby’s has 8 locations scattered around in the city, so chances are, wherever you live in Houston, there is Barnaby’s around you.

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2. Local Foods: With 5 locations and a mission of serving the Houston area with locally sourced food, Local Foods stands up to its name quite well. A well established restaurant for gourmet salads and sandwiches, their food changes seasonally,  which is a classic trait of restaurants that use local ingredients. If you’re craving some food after taking your dog to the dog park and playing with it, Local Foods is the perfect spot for you and your dog. Their spacious patio is dog-friendly with water bowls available. Grab a few of your friends and plan a nice, relaxed lunch date.

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3. Cottonwood: For a good blend of people, food, and drinks, Cottonwood is an excellent stop. With a large outdoor space that’s friendly to “all four-footed friends”, Cottonwood offers a full bar with traditional pub food and a whole host of regular events. From community events to crawfish boils, Cottonwood aims to offer everyone a place to relax and have a good time.


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1. Axelrad: Axelrad is, well, rad. Named for the original owners of the renovated historic building, Axelrad is clad in art and nods to Houston’s diverse history. With a sprawling garden that connects the bar itself and Luigi’s Pizza, there’s tons of space, people, and events to enjoy throughout the year. Grab a slice, enjoy a beer, and listen to some live music from a forest of hammocks. And of course, you can’t forget the dogs! With a huge outdoor space, it’s not uncommon to see a whole host of pups pawing about.

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2. Underdogs: For the more adventurous drinker, Underdogs offers one of the widest selections of craft beers and whiskeys in Houston. Located right on Washington, the parking is a little scarce, but the abundance of space and drinks more than makes up for it. Dogs are welcome both inside and on the back patio. Come bring your favorite friend and try one of their colorfully named cocktails.

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3. Bar Boheme: If you want an exciting experience almost every time you go, Boheme is the perfect choice. With outdoor spaces that welcome furry friends, Boheme is an exciting and eclectic bar with tons of events, different nightly specials, and a fantastic Montrose vibe. As a staple of the neighborhood, this classic bar is another historical restoration, so you can enjoy a great drink and a fantastic aesthetic.


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1. True Anomaly: If you’re looking for a good local brew with your friendly neighborhood hound, try True Anomaly Brewing. As a local brewery, you can enjoy unique drafts and enjoy the experience of drinking something in the same place it was made. As they don’t serve food at the place itself, dogs are welcome both inside and out while you cool down with a nice IPA or Belgian ale, the specialties at True Anomaly.

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2. Karbach Brewing Co: Karbach offers a regularly updated menu of new brews based on classic brewing techniques. With a restaurant and patio, Karbach’s Biergarten is a fantastic place to hang out with your canine companion while knocking back a few seasonal drinks. While our four legged friends are only allowed on the patio, it’s still a good place to be when the season hits just right. 


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1. Antidote: Another Houston staple, Antidote is the sunrise sister shop of Poison Girl on Westheimer. Leaning towards more traditional, bitter coffees and other unique house blends, Antidote is a great spot to re-up on your daily caffeine. With a small outdoor area and plenty of great coffee scents drifting from the doors, this is a perfect place to stop by on a morning walk.

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2. Throughgood Coffee: Something of a haven for those looking to embrace the mildly hipster vibes, Throughgood backs up its taste with great coffee and a dog friendly atmosphere. With an emphasis on innovation, Throughgood is the perfect spot for your morning or mid-day musings while your sleepy pup naps nearby. 

As a note, always be sure to check a restaurant or locations policy on things like leashes, your own water bowls, and so on. As places grow and change, their policies might, too! And nobody wants to show up just to be turned away. And finally, if you plan on going to a pet-friendly place, make sure your pet is people and other pet friendly on their own! 

With plenty of other places to take your favorite dog, or dog enthusiast, if you’ve yet to find your own panting pal, Houston is an incredibly pet-friendly town. If you don’t mind the heat, or waiting for the perfect patio weather, there are tons of places to spend time with your favorite pet. This list is just to get you started, but if you know any perfect spots we missed, let us know! 

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