How to Celebrate Your Cat with a Birthday Party

A cherished cat is not just a pet, but a member of the family. You wouldn’t skip celebrating your sister or dad’s birthday, so shouldn’t your kitty get some attention on their big day as well? A party is always a great way to celebrate, whether it’s actually for a birthday or, if you’re uncertain when that date is, an adoption anniversary. Here’s everything you’ll need to consider as you plan your cat’s birthday party:

Guest List

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It’s not a party without guests, so decide how many people you want and who those people will be. For a cat’s party, it’s perfectly fine if the only folks to celebrate are family members that already know and love the pet. Kitty won’t mind either way. In fact, a shy kitty would prefer less guests at their party. 

But if your cat won’t be scared off, feel free to invite friends that would love to join in on the festivities. Anyone that will appreciate time with the birthday cat should certainly be included on the guest list.

The Location

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You will then have to decide where these guests will be hosted. Keeping in mind the most important guest, your feline of honor, will help you figure this one out. Some cats are cool with walking outside with a leash and harness, but an indoor location will probably be preferable. You already know your cat is comfortable inside your own home, so this is a great place for the party. 


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To make the celebration even more fun, you might consider choosing a specific party theme. This can really be anything and doesn’t have to have anything to do with cats at all. However, since the party is all about one specific cat, you obviously care about at least one cat quite a bit. Nobody would judge you then if you apply a cat theme across the entire birthday party. 


If you want people to actually show up to the cat-centric celebrations, you’ll have to get the word out. Invitations don’t require a whole lot of effort. If you want to mail out a paper invite, it might provide a nice touch. Evites work just as well though. You might even make a Facebook event page. 

Any of these forms allow you to include a picture of your pet, their new age, and, most importantly, the time and place for your party. 


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Greet guests at arrival with an exciting look for the party by putting up decorations. For any theme you may have chosen, there’s a way to decorate that will match. Don’t worry about the cat making a mess of it. You can put streamers and such higher up, or just make it a part of the fun! 

Your pet will love playing with fun strings and puffballs if you use these items as part of the decorating efforts.


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You can also plan out some other ways for your cat to have some fun on their birthday. While hanging decorations could provide hours of enjoyment for your pet, different games and toys can make for activities you’ll enjoy as well. You might play with your cat with some yarn or other cat toys, by moving around a flashlight, or watch the reactions to catnip. 

Human guests might also love getting a pic with your pet if you set up a photo booth. This could be a great activity to get everybody involved.

Food and Drinks

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Games and toys will make the party lots of fun for your cat, but to make their birthday especially enjoyable, include something delightfully delicious. A cat as loved as yours, with an entire party coming their way, likely enjoys plenty of treats. Still, can they ever get enough? Make sure to supply something special for their special day.

Don’t forget to treat the human guests either. They might enjoy some fish or cat-shaped cookies, if you’d like to keep the focus on felines.


cat birthday cake

While cakes aren’t a typical cat’s favorite treat, no birthday party is complete without this centerpiece. Even without the sugar-filled cake you might imagine, kitty can still dig into something that fills this spot in the festivities. Any pate cat food can work, so go with your cat’s favorite, and place it into a fun shape mold. Once it’s popped out of the container, you’ll have a tasty treat for your cat that can work as the cake. 

You might also bake an actual cat-friendly cake yourself, or just pick one up from a pet bakery. Just make sure to bake something different for the humans, because a cat cake won’t be quite so appetizing for them.


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One final surprise can be a pile of presents, or at least one extra special gift. Your cat can always appreciate a new toy, after all. If you’re crafty, you might make it yourself, but it’s all right if you just go to the pet store to buy their present. Besides toys, consider a kitty condo or clearing space to make a new window perch. 

Guests shouldn’t be expected to bring anything, but if they do want to get involved, you might make your party into a donation event. While your cat always appreciates goodies, many cats don’t have homes and could use your generosity more. Ask your local pet shelter what they need most and see how you can help with your event. 

Party Favors

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The gift-giving might continue as well with a little something for everyone that attends the party. To thank your guests, consider offering something small that they would like. If you have fellow cat owners over, party favors can even include small portions of cat treats. 

 A Party Your Cat Will Love

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Every one of these things will help to create an awesome birthday party for your cat. No matter how you celebrate, your cat will be happy swatting feathers and spending time with you as much as they always do. Don’t worry so much about making your cat’s birthday a huge celebration. A simple day by your side will be enough to satisfy. 

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