How to Throw Your Dog the Biggest Birthday Bash

For many of us, our dogs are like our children. They’re certainly beloved family members, so we can’t just let their birthdays pass by like any other day. Whether you’re celebrating your puppy’s first year or another year achieved for your senior dog, a birthday party is a great way to mark the occasion. If you aren’t sure of the date for your dog, a party for their adoption day or another special moment in their lives works just as well. 

If you’re ready to throw your dog the biggest birthday bash, here’s everything you’ll need to plan for.

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How to Celebrate Your Cat with a Birthday Party

cat birthday party

A cherished cat is not just a pet, but a member of the family. You wouldn’t skip celebrating your sister or dad’s birthday, so shouldn’t your kitty get some attention on their big day as well? A party is always a great way to celebrate, whether it’s actually for a birthday or, if you’re uncertain when that date is, an adoption anniversary. Here’s everything you’ll need to consider as you plan your cat’s birthday party:

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