How to help your dog deal with Separation Anxiety

how to help a dog with separation anxiety


Separation anxiety in dogs generally refers to a set of behaviors triggered by the anxious feeling your dog may experience when you leave home, change locations, or when they go from one guardian to another. While there’s no specific cause identified for how dogs develop this anxiety, most vets suspect it is largely related to either negative conditioning or a dramatic shift in a dog’s environment when they were young.

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Top 10 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston

Houston’s Best Dog Friendly Restaurants.

Houston’s food and drink scene is expanding rapidly, and if you’re anything like us, you probably want to know: can my dog come, too? As we move slowly out of summer, we’re coming right back around to patio season, a time where people can eat, drink, and live without sweating through the floor at every turn. If you’re looking for a great place to grab a drink and kick back with your best four-legged friend, we’ve got you covered with a few of the best dog-friendly places around Houston.

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